Under her breath, she still begged for something. She wasn’t entirely sure for what, but there was something she desperately needed. Then the chaos spinning wildly around her mind came to an abrupt yet comforting stop when a large hand smoothed up the back of her leg.

She gasped as it slowly stroked from the top of her boot, up behind her knee and along her thigh to finally rest upon the slope of her ass.

It was a man’s hand gentling her heated flesh, coupled with a deep masculine voice whispering soothing nonsense in her ear. He eased her tension much like a rider does a horse after a long, hard ride. For a split second, she wasn’t sure whether she liked being handled like this, then just as quickly realized she actually did very much enjoy the simple calming gesture, laced with concern and possibly something of a more erotic nature.

In that moment, she felt special, prized and beautiful.

Her breath caught in the back of her throat. There was something about his touch, some quality that said this was a monumental moment. She needed to focus, pull herself together and remember there were rules to be followed. All sexual play in their weekly barn parties was safe, sane and always consensual. For her, there’d be no intercourse with a person not on her previously submitted play list. She had a moment of regret, then it was dashed away. Her list of yeses and nos had been compiled in her kitchen, without any pressure and temptations. The rules were set to protect people like her who came to find pleasure without a partner. No matter how much she might want

to break the rules, no one here would allow that to happen.

Currently there was no one serious in her life, no one to satisfy her passionate nature. In her lifetime, she’d had less than a handful of men who’d lasted longer than a few months. Unfortunately, none of them had what it took to possess her entirely. Heart, body and soul.

She wanted it all and wouldn’t settle for anything less.