Gardiner, Montana

“Fucking hell! At least kiss the woman, otherwise the next time I see your hard-on I’m going to chop it off.” Ted Wilson teased Jon presumably for Jon’s power of self-denial.

Jon Black shrugged as he continued brushing down his horse. There was no question he wanted Molly—to touch her, love her, tie her up, and take her gently and hard. He had these feelings since first seeing her in the diner, the day she arrived in Gardiner. She stole his breath and left him staring at her and listening to every word she uttered.

The more time they spent together, the more he wanted from and with the beautiful English beauty. He had planned to stay as close to her as he could and never leave. Actually, nothing else came to mind and that became Jon’s only plan.

“The time has to be right. I’m not going to rush her into something she’s not ready for, or worse, scare her off.” Jon shared how he intended to progress and hoped his boss and friend backed him up. Ted and he were old buddies from childhood through the Marines. Nothing but the truth, be it nice or ugly, passed between them. He’d known about the other man’s difficulties with sex and fears that Ted might hurt a woman. Back then, he’d gone on a few fuck sessions with him as support. Unfortunately, Jon’s dad had gotten ill and he had to leave to be with the man in what turned out to be his final days. The best he could do was to tell Ted’s brother Matt and, as expected, he’d stepped in to help.

“You’re not going to scare her away. Your dick is big, but not porn guy big.” The man laughed and Jon had to join him. Matt and Ted were good at keeping things from getting too heavy or dark.

“Fine, what do you think I should do?” Jon walked around his horse and put the brush down. Picking up another, he went to work on the mane.

“Tie her up and fuck her! Make those pretty pink cheeks turn red when you pound her pussy from behind while holding onto her nice tits. Yes, I’ve noticed those nice, fleshy mounds bouncing beneath her shirt as she races to the car for one of your trips or rides. Shit, she’s fabulous when she’s on a horse. Take her, Jon, and fucking laugh as she screams with orgasm after orgasm.”

Jon rested his forehead against the neck of the horse and laughed.

“Seriously, dude. All of it and my big dick would send her screaming for the hills.”

“Fine. Don’t merely hold her hand and take long walks in the moonlight. Kiss her. Wrap your arms around her sweet body and kiss her until she can’t breathe, then walk away. Molly is already attracted to you. It’s obvious to anyone with eyes. After taking a kiss, she’ll be panting for more and chase you.” Ted stood up and, without smiling or smirking, looked at him while giving his advice.

“Leave her there?” He wanted to connect with the woman, not leave her alone.

“Yes! Pour everything you’ve got into the kiss. Maybe hold her close as you cop a feel of her ass and let her know you’re hard. Get into the moment, but you have to leave and not look back. She needs to know you want her badly, but will wait for her to come to you.”

“Oh, yah, makes sense.” Damn, Jon had to give the man his due. He was waiting for Molly to come to him. There was something holding her back and he wanted more from her than basic or dirty sex. The respect he had for her demanded he stand back and wait, only maybe he needed to give her a nudge.

“You don’t have a problem, Jon. What you need to do is remind her of the explosion going off in your pants and probably hers when you two met. I’ve never seen you struck speechless by a woman and its fucking stuck.”

“You’re full of something tonight, what’s got you so fucking happy?” Ted wasn’t normally such a jovial guy, but there was something lighter about his attitude. He was basically happy and that was good to see. They were friends but also Marine buds, which meant Ted knew firsthand the ugliness he’d seen and worked hard to move beyond.

“The guy is here installing the air unit we had made for the office in the barn. We are one step closer to this project being finished. Once everything is done, Saki will finally be all ours and that makes me shit-kicking happy.”

“Congratulations!” He was genuinely pleased his friends had found the woman who fit with their lifestyle. There was a time when he got off on threesomes, but not anymore. No way would he ever share Molly with anyone. Even if she asked, the answer would be no fucking way!

“Hey, are we doing dinner tonight?” Matt called as he walked into the barn.

“Sure, I’ll bring the veggies ready to grill,” Jon offered as he got back to combing his horse’s mane. All he’d need to do was visit his garden and see what was ready for picking. He figured there were a couple of different squashes and zucchinis looking ripe last time he was out there.

“We have a big chicken we can barbeque and a head of lettuce. You have tomatoes and maybe some corn? I like cold corn on my salad.” Matt had obviously checked what they had before coming out to ask if they were all getting together for dinner.

“I can round up an ear or two,” Jon said as he started to work on the tail in earnest.

“Good, dinner is set. Let’s say seven to give the ladies time to clean up after working in the office. Have there been any noises coming from back there? Any motors running or someone coming out to say it’s done?” There was a note of hope in his voice, making Jon smile upon hearing. He understood the timeline they were locked into and knew the guy wanted it to go faster.

“Nothing. It’s silent. You want to go in and make sure the ladies are still alive?”

“The engineer guy wasn’t a serial killer. Where is your mind at?” Looking at his brother, Matt appeared confused at what Ted said. Jon knew the dark spaces the guys’ minds could travel to and shrugged it off.

“I know, but maybe they need some help or something. Shit, man, you’re the cleanest, go in there and make sure things are getting done. I want this project finished!” Gone was the fun guy who’d offered advice, and in his place was a surly guy.

“Damn, if I wasn’t there and it hadn’t happened in front of my own two eyes, I wouldn’t know you had a taste of pussy today. You even had your cock drained. Who the fuck is this angry asshole and what have you done with my brother?” Matt headed to toward the office, but not before calling out a suggestion. “Stroke the snake, dude, and leave the bad mood behind.”