“Hey there, Ted. I really fucked up this time,” Matt offered as he finally stopped traveling. The two brothers shook hands, then silently made their way to the baggage claim area where they waited for the belt to start.

“I’ve had no calls and, from all the papers you’ve faxed, the firm liked how we do business. What could possibly have gone wrong?”

“I’ll tell you straight out. I might have messed around with Sakura.”

“You what? Might of?” Ted raised an eyebrow as he turned to his brother. Matt shrugged and turned away. He never got physical with the women they worked with, never came close to doing such a thing. Then again, there weren’t that many single ladies in farming.

Luggage started coming down the ramp and circling on the claim belt, waiting to be picked up by their owners. While he looked over each bag that passed him by, Matt wasn’t really seeing any of them. Whether he suffered from jet lag or wanted to hide from the truth, none of it mattered. He had to face reality.

“I don’t know for sure, but I sort of do. You see, I spent my last night in Japan with what I thought was a prostitute. One who looked like a geisha. When she spoke, which wasn’t often, it was in a thick Japanese accent, nothing like Sakura. Then there was all that makeup. Anyway, despite all that and some serious thinking, I believe it was her. I don’t know, maybe it was wishful thinking on my part.”

“Like that, was it?”

“Yup. Ted, I really hope it was her. Personally, that would be great, although it might not be good for our business.” Matt told his brother the truth. He deserved to know it all. “While Mr. Nakamura may have liked me, I’m just as sure what we’d offer his daughter would change that in a fucking heartbeat.”

“You always did have a thing for the geisha look. I remember a Halloween party the club held one year, and you were all over that chick in the corset and funky makeup.” Ted laughed as he appeared to remember the event and Matt did as well, until the truth rushed back to bite him in the ass.

“I hope I didn’t screw up our plans for the ranch. I know you’ve talked to her on the phone, but believe me, if you ever get a chance to meet her in person, you’re going to like Sakura Nakamura as much as I do.”

Matt walked over to collect his bag from the baggage claim belt. The headache that had been building lessened a bit. Personally and professionally, they were headed in a new direction, and thankfully they were both on the same page. Moving forward was going to be an adventure.

All they had to do was get Sakura to come to Montana.

They made their way out to the truck and Ted drove them back to the ranch. There were no secrets between them, and eventually Matt told his brother everything that had happened on his last night in Osaka. At one point, he pulled out the comb with bells on it, and shook it so Ted could hear what he had.

The more he talked about what happened in that hotel room, the more he came to believe it had been Sakura in his room and not just wishful thinking.

So intent on talking, he was surprised at how quickly they made it home. A little over an hour later, they were walking through the front door of the house they shared on the Big W Ranch.

Matt went to his room and dropped bags on the floor, then walked into his bathroom to take a shower. He was tired and could do with a good night’s sleep. He’d go into their office downstairs and see if there was anything he should handle immediately. Maybe Sakura called and left a message.

Once he felt clean and a bit more human, he left his room. Halfway down the stairs, he was stopped by his brother, who was sitting in the living room with a piece of paper in one hand and a glass of whisky in the other.

“Did you say you spent time with a geisha?”

“Yeah, she was fucking sexy,” Matt confessed as he went to the bar and poured himself a drink before joining Ted on the couch. “Those red painted nipples were the hottest thing I’ve ever seen on a woman. They made me even harder and more eager to fuck her, despite it being illegal. I thought I was going to come right then. I’d like to see those cherry red tips again.”

“I think you’ll have your chance,” Ted told him as he handed over the paper he’d been reading.

It was a single page fax on Nakamura Enterprises letterhead. After a quick scan, he read it through again to make sure he’d read it correctly.

“They signed the contract for us to supply them with beef as long as we adhere to their tracking system.”

“What else does it say, big brother?” Ted asked with a smirk clearly marking his face.

“Sakura will be coming here in two months to handle the installation of the new tracking program.” Matt looked over at his brother, searching for some type of answer to the question racing around in his head. When none came, he put it out there, hoping the other man could give him the confirmation he was hoping for. “Do you think this means she was my geisha?”

“Honestly, I don’t think it matters. We’re going to be shipping Big W beef to Japan, which is something we wanted. And, if I remember correctly, coming here to do the installation was to be a volunteer job. She’s coming here, Matt, voluntarily to our territory. We’ll be able to get the answers you need and maybe, hopefully, much more.”

“You’re right,” Matt mused, feeling less stressed about what happened.

“I’ll drink to that, and cross my fingers she was the woman you were with. From what you’ve described, that lady sounds like someone who could fit into our lives perfectly.”

“I understand from her mother that she can also ride a horse and that she likes it,” Matt offered before he took another sip of whisky, then continued. “We have two months to figure out how to encourage her to stay once the job is finished. As good as it would be to have her in my bed, I want more than a fuck buddy. I’m ready for more, and I think this is the woman who can give it to us.”

“I don’t see why you can’t phone her and ask if it was her in your bed or not. What time is it over there?”

“Their day is just getting started,” Matt said as he looked at his watch. He smiled at his brother and he walked over to the phone. Bringing the portable back to where they sat, he dialed the codes followed by her direct line. Listening to the ring, he wasn’t sure what he was going to say, but that would come once he heard her voice.

“Moshi-moshi, Nakamura Enterprises, Sakura Nakamura.”

“Hello, Sakura, it’s Matt. Matt Wilson.”

Complete silence greeted him, although he swore he heard a slight intake of breath She was there and he had no doubt that she had been his geisha. Why else would she be tongue tied with him when she never had been before? He didn’t want to scare her away by demanding answers, but neither would he miss his chance to finally know the truth.

“Are you alone?” Even though she had a door to enclose her office, there were days when it never closed.

“Yes,” she eventually whispered.

“Then, please, answer one question for me. Were you my geisha? Were you Yuki?”

Despite being anxious to hear what she had to say, he made sure his voice remained level and calm. It wouldn’t help ease her doubts about the truth coming out if he sounded eager.

“Yes.” He heard her insecurity as well as her honesty. “Yuki is my second name.”

“Good,” he told her, letting his desire for her seep into his tone. Inside, he howled with excitement. The future was looking so much better than it had when he left Japan.


The surprise in her voice made him smile. Deep down, he knew there was definitely going to be something more between them. To make that happen, he’d have to tell her everything.

“Yes, it’s great.” Before he had his hopes for a future together blasted, he needed to set her right on a few things. “Do me a favor, Sakura, and forget the image of cowboys you’ve seen in movies. That isn’t me. I live on a ranch, raise smelly cattle, and sell the beef wherever I can, but I’m also a kinky son of a bitch when it comes to sex.”

“Our night together was wonderful.”

“What we had together was great and very tame.”

“Tame? What do you mean?”

“Well, if I’d known it was you and not a prostitute I spent the evening with, I would’ve fucked your sweet pussy until dawn. The next morning I would’ve asked you to come to Montana. For over a month we sat together and talked business, while all along I worked very hard to hold back what I really felt and wanted from you. It wasn’t easy to do. You, Sakura, I liked you from our first phone conversation, then we met in person. I was excited by your brains but even more, you turned me on with your beauty.”

“I didn’t know you felt that way about me.”

“You weren’t meant to. I was there on business. We were working together. I would never do anything that reflected poorly on the Big W or Nakamura Enterprises. My hiring a prostitute crossed that line.”

“No, Matt, you didn’t do anything wrong. I misled you into thinking you were with a sex worker. My only excuse is that I saw that night as my only chance to be with you as I wanted. Our flirting only went so far and my desires remained unfulfilled.”

“You could’ve told me all this while I was there,” Matt muttered and looked over at his brother. If he’d been with her when the truth came out, they’d already have her with them As soon as he made that conclusion, he kicked it away. She didn’t know everything and when she did, she might still change her mind about coming to see them. “There’s more you should understand before volunteering to come over here.”

“Nothing can keep me away from the Big W Ranch.”

“Just listen to me, Sakura.” Her voice had sounded firmly set and he remembered she could be stubborn, but what he had to say was completely outside her realm of experience. He was sure of it.

“I’m listening, but I won’t change my mind.”

“Remember a few minutes ago I said I was kinky?”

“Yes, not that it bothers me, but what did you mean by that?”

“I meant that I would like to tie you up so you couldn’t move, put a plug in your ass, and play with it while I fuck your sweet pussy.” Her groan reminded him of the sounds that came from her during their passionate night together. “Your nipples are hard, aren’t they?”

“Yes,” she quietly admitted.

“Have to tell you that I loved how you painted them red. If you come over, will you do that for me again? For us?”

“Us?” Sakura sounded unsure.

“Yes, us. Have you ever thought about being the center of more than one man’s lusty attention?”

“I have since you mentioned it,” Sakura confided.

“What do you think about it?”

“I don’t know. It’s not like anything I’ve ever done before, although I admit it makes me hot just thinking about it.”

“Well, it’s almost time for you to make a choice, my beautiful geisha.”

“What do you mean?”

“In a couple of months you’ll be coming to us and the Big W. If my memory serves right, you had to volunteer for handling the project. Am I right?”

“You’re right.”

“Okay, then I need you to take some time to seriously think about what we’re offering. I want you, Sakura, very much, and I think my brother will as well. I’ve told him all about you, those delightful candied nipples, and easily excitable clit. But we want a partner, someone who wants to settle down on our ranch to work hard and fuck even harder.”

“Oh, yes, I think I understand.”

“If you come here, we’ll do whatever we can to keep you satisfied. However, if having two men pleasure you isn’t something you want, then no harm, no foul. Send someone else to oversee the installation.”

“What about love? I’m also not looking for a playmate or two without there being something more involved. I want to know I’m still loved when I’m no longer young and eager to experiment with sex.”

Her words and tone of voice gave Matt a hint that she was already emotionally invested in him. Hiding behind a geisha’s makeup and acting like a prostitute in order to have him suddenly made more sense.

“I care a great deal about you, Sakura. Is it love, a lifelong love? I don’t know, but I can already see myself with you when we’re old and grey. However, I’m all about being truthful and upfront before getting into anything that involves sex. I don’t want any confusion about where we’re all headed together. So, I’m all in, it’s between you and Ted. The Wilson brothers are a package deal. Take one, take us both.”

“What about, I mean, could we, is it…” Confusion had taken her over.

“Take a deep breath and relax.” He tried to calm her down, and himself as well. It hadn’t been optimal to have the serious conversation over the phone, but he knew life wasn’t always perfect. “You don’t need to do anything right now, there’s plenty of time to think it through. That’s all we ask, and that you come over only if you think you could be with us both. Fair enough?”

“Yes, sounds fair.”

“Don’t worry so much, everything will work out the way it’s meant to. Now hang up and get on with your day. Time is ticking.”

After saying goodbye, he disconnected and downed the last of his whisky. He set the glass down flopped back against the couch. He closed his eyes and pictured the beautiful woman sitting behind her desk over five thousand miles away.

“She’ll be ours,” he assured Ted. They were all meant to be together, why else had he held onto the desire to possess a geisha for so long?

“We’d better fix up the room at the top of the stairs for her. Every woman needs a place to call her own.”

“I think she should stay at the cottage to start. We can’t pressure her, no matter how much we want to keep her here.”